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Newtown, Connecticut

This table is used for column layout.

Code Red
The Town of Newtown has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System.  Sign up for the CodeRED Early Warning System.

Command & Department Staff
Chief of Police Michael Kehoe (
Executive Officer Captain Joe Rios (
 Operations Commander Lieutenant Christopher Vanghele (
Technical Services Commander Lieutenant Richard Robinson (  
Administrative Services Commander Lieutenant David Kullgren (
Administrative Sergeant
Sergeant Aaron Bahamonde (
Detective Division
Detective Joseph Joudy (
Detective Jason Frank (     
                               Detective Daniel McAnaspie (      

    School Resource Officer Liam Seabrook (
School Resource Officer William Chapman (  

Patrol Division
Sergeant Douglas Wisentaner (
Sergeant Philip Hynes (
Sergeant Jeffrey Silver (  
Sergeant Matthew Wood (
Sergeant Scott Ruszczyk(  
Sergeant Scott Smith (
Officer Robert Haas (  
Officer Gladys Pisani (
Officer William Hull (  
Officer Maryhelen McCarthy (
Officer Michael McGowan (
 Officer Leonard Penna (
Officer Felicia Figol(
Officer Larissa Nosal (  
                             Officer John Mccluskey (                            
Officer Steven Borges (
Officer Bart Lorancaitis (  
Officer Adam Greco (
Officer Richard Monckton (
Officer Matthew Hayes (
Officer Steven Siecienski (  
Officer John McDermott (  
Officer Charles Guernsey  (
Officer Matthew Pirhala (
                Officer Paula Wickman  (
Officer Benjamin Mulhall (
Officer Adam James (
Officer William Crone (
Officer Timothy Schoen (
Officer Michael Caramadre (
Officer Stepahnie Thibodeau (
Officer Fernando Pereira (
Officer Joseph Michael (LOA)
Support Staff
Executive Assistant - Mary Kelley (
Administrative Assistant- Cindi Mazzucco (
Records Manager- Robert Berkins (
Records Bookkeeper- Barbara Whittaker (

Animal Control Staff
Municipal Animal Control Officer (Full-time) Carolee Mason (
Assistant Municipal Animal Control Officer (Full-time) Matthew Schaub
Animal Control Officer (Part-time) Helen Wigzell
Animal Control Officer (Part-time) Cynthia Edger