Development Process

The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission is a group of twelve Newtown residents appointed by the Newtown Board of Selectmen in September of 2013.  The twelve residents are expected to lead the community through the process of determining if a permanent memorial should be constructed and if so, making a recommendation on the nature, location and funding of a permanent memorial(s).

Development Phases:

  1. Phase I:  The Commission’s priority is to assure the 26 families are fully engaged in our process.  The Commission communicates updates to the 26 families on a monthly basis and will keep them engaged from start to finish on how plans progress.
  2. Phase II:  Gathering of information and engaging the Teachers & Staff who were in Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14, Parents of Students in Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14 and First Responders (NPD, Dispatchers, EMS, SHFD & CT State Police).
  3. Phase III:  The Newtown community will have an opportunity to share thoughts on the topic in public settings.
  4. Phase IV:  The dialogue and collaboration will continue with the 26 families at this time.  Discussions on our information gathering will take place prior to the Commission making a recommendation to the Board of Selectman.

Recent Updates:

  • Phases I – III:  The Commission has completed these phases of its “Information Gathering Stage” in an effort to collect information from specific groups, including that of the Greater Newtown Community.  The results-to-date of this stage is reflected in our spreadsheet, S.H.P.M.C. Information Gathering Outreach Results.
  • Phase IV:  This phase will be ongoing.  The Commission continues to communicate and involve those who lost a loved one who want to be part of this process, while honoring the sensitivity of the topic.