Land Records & Survey Maps

The Town Clerks office is responsible for the filing of 180 different types of documents. The land record fees are as follows.

Our Land Record INDEX is available online here.

Recording documents

  • $60.00 first page
  • $5.00 each subsequent page or portion.


  • $2.00 each transfer reportable to State
  • $5.00 if current mailing address of grantee not given
  • $1.00 if names of those executing, witnessing and acknowledging are not typed or printed under signature

Copies, certified copies of land records and maps

  • Copies of documents - $1.00 each page
  • For certified copies - $2.00
  • Copies of maps- 11x17 $3.00 Engineer/Blue line 24x36 $5.00
  • Certifying a map - $2.00 each

Conveyance Tax

  • Conveyance taxes for local as well as State taxes are handled through the Town Clerk's office and monies are then sent to the State.
  • Conveyance tax forms.


  • Residential property & unimproved land - .0075-x consideration

Local Conveyance Tax

  • All categories - .0025 x consideration.

Filing Maps

  • Any map - $10.00
  • Maps of subdivisions - $20.00
  • All maps can be viewed on our public computers in the office and copies can be made upon request.