Accident Reconstruction Team


The Accident Reconstruction Team was constituted to assist the Patrol Division in the investigation of serious or complicated motor vehicle accidents. The Accident Reconstruction Team is supervised by Lt. David Kullgren, and is made up of volunteers from the ranks of the Newtown Department of Police Services.

Volunteers are screened for selection by their past performance with the Newtown Department of Police Services, their technical knowledge, and their willingness to complete the intensive training program offered through the Police Officer Standards and Training Council of Connecticut conducted by the Institute of Police Technology and Management. This multi week course is conducted in several phases. Prior to joining the team selected officers must successful pass at least the first phase to qualify for call out with the Accident Reconstruction Team.

The Accident Reconstruction Team is called out to assist in the investigation all fatal motor vehicle accidents, all serious injury motor vehicle accidents, and upon need of the Patrol Division for any motor vehicle accident investigation when the unique training and experience of the Accident Reconstruction Team can assist the investigating officer(s).