Evacuation/student-parent reunification exercise DRILL - April 11


April 3, 2018            

Dear Newtown Residents and Business Owners:   

As part of our mission to continuously assess and improve our District and school emergency operations plan, the Newtown Public Schools, in coordination with the Newtown Police Department (NPD), the Newtown Emergency Communications Center (NECC), All-Star Transportation, Raptor Technologies, and the Newtown Youth Academy (NYA) will conduct a controlled “evacuation/student-parent reunification” exercise on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.  The exercise will begin at Newtown Middle School (11 Queen Street), at 8:30 am, and conclude at the NYA (4 Primrose Street) at 11:30 am.  MHA Consulting (Glendale, AZ), in conjunction with John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York, NY) is the facilitator of the emergency response exercise. Participants include parent and student volunteers, along with district and school administration, faculty, and staff.  Officials from the State of Connecticut (DEMHS) will be on site to observe and evaluate the exercise. 

The District would like to assure everyone, especially homeowners and businesses within reasonable proximity of Newtown Middle School (NMS) that the exercise on April 11, 2018, is only a DRILL. It is very possible that there will be increased emergency vehicle traffic, pedestrian activity, and noise in the vicinity of NMS at the onset of the exercise (8:30 am – 10:00 am).  This will be alleviated once the exercise progresses to the NYA facility at Fairfield Hills. 

If you have any questions or concerns prior to the date of the emergency response exercise, please contact Newtown Public Schools Director of Security Mark Pompano at 203-270-6121.  If you should have any questions or concerns on the date of the drill (Wednesday, April 11, 2018) please contact the Newtown Emergency Communications Center at 203-270-4200.

We thank you all for your cooperation, and your continued support for the security and safety of students and staff in the Newtown Public Schools.