Charter Revision Commission

Charter Revision Communications Committee Charge:

The Charter Revision Communications Committee is hereby charged to develop and implement communications to the taxpayers on the proposed Charter Revision changes that will be on the ballot November 8, 2016 considering the following:

  • All meetings will be held in accordance with FOIA, as always.
  • The goal is to ensure when voters go to the poll on November 8, 2016, they have been able to obtain all the information they need to place an informed vote.
  • No advocacy is permitted and the committee should review and understand the Campaign financing laws for referendums regarding educational materials to be distributed on the Charter vote which can be found here.
  • The Committee should engage with the members of the Community Center Commission regarding their efforts to communicate to the public regarding their charge.
  • The Commission should engage and use the expertise of the Charter Revision Commission members in the communication efforts.
  • The Committee should use the months of July and August to plan what efforts will be made to make voters aware of the pending vote and the months of September and October to execute on those plans.

Commission Members


Chair, Charter Revision Communications Committee Member (R)

52 Bear Hills Road

Kevin Burns (D)

Member (D)

1 Monitor Hill Road

Charter Revision Communications Committee Member

Member (R)

24 Equestrian Ridge Road

Member (R)

5 Nettleton Avenue

Tom Long (R)

Member (R)

3 Birch Rise Drive

Charter Revision Communications Committee Member

Member (D)

85 Riverside Road

Member (U)

81 High Rock Road

Member (R)

13 Clearview Drive

Member, Charter Revision Communications Committee Member (U)

4 Cornfield Ridge Road