Youth Officer

The Youth Officer is assigned to the Detective Division and under the command of the Detective Division Supervisor, Lieutenant Richard Robinson. The Youth Services Officer assists all members of the Department in the prevention of crimes by juveniles. He shall have the mission of coordinating the Department's overall effort as far as it concerns children. Training of personnel is more specialized in the aspects of juvenile offenses; and the participation in and the coordination of delinquency prevention programs on the community level. In the absence of the Youth Services Officer, these duties shall be included in the responsibilities of the Detective Division.

The Youth Services Officer also shall monitor investigations and other police action involving juveniles who are complainants or victims. The Youth Services Officer shall have responsibility for the surveillance of all places of commerce and recreation frequented by juveniles.

Duties of the Youth Services Officer

The Youth Officer will plan and put into operation whatever measures may be deemed appropriate for the prevention of delinquency and dealing personally with parents of all juvenile delinquents and complainants in all appropriate cases.

Maintaining contact with the Board of Education Personnel concerning school related delinquency problems. To give particular attention to cases of juveniles whose welfare is affected because one or both parents may be involved in criminal prosecution or imprisonment and apprehension of those responsible.