School Resource Officers


The School Resource Officers (SROs) are assigned to the Detective Division under the immediate command of the Detective Division Supervisor, Lieutenant Richard Robinson.

The School Resource Officers (SROs) shall assist all members of the department in the prevention of crime, particularly on school grounds. He/she shall have the mission of coordinating the department's overall effort concerning community schools, the training of department and Board of Education personnel in the more specialized aspects of campus crime prevention and investigation and coordination of joint programs sponsored by the department and the Board of Education. When assigned by the Detective Division’s Supervisor, the School Resource Officers shall monitor investigations and/or other law enforcement action involving students who are complainants or victims.

School Resource Officers' Duties

To serve as a role model to students, especially in terms of appropriate attitudes and respect towards others.

Assist School Administrators when students or others commit acts of violence or acts resulting in crimes on campus. Serve as a liaison between the school district and the police department, as well as other Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Assist certified teachers in the classroom on a wide variety of subjects deemed appropriate by curriculum requirements and needs.

When needed, assist school security personnel in their mission. Be available to respond to, or offer advice to all schools within the Newtown School District. Will notifiy the Superintendent of Schools relative to local youths arrested for felonious criminal acts.

Work in concert with the department's Youth Services Officer and DARE instructors to fulfill the department's mission. Assist Field Services personnel in the investigation of campus crime when needed. Assist school support personnel relative to their mission and goals. Maintain a proper record keeping system as it is related to the position and as prescribed by the Detective Division Supervisor. Assist the Detective Division when required. Perform other duties, as may be prescribed by the Chief of Police.

Newtown Middle School - Officer William ChapmanNewtown High School - Officer Richard Monckton