How Are Medical Calls Handled?

When you dial 911 for a medical emergency you will be asked a series of basic questions that include the address of the emergency, the phone number you are calling from, your name, and questions about the patient. Once this information is gathered you will then be given instructions on what to do before the Ambulance arrives. You can be sure that even while the Dispatcher is asking questions help is being sent without delay. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care prior to the arrival of EMS.

As of July 1,2004 the State of Connecticut requires Dispatch Centers in the State to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). The N.E.C.C. has been providing this service since 2003. EMD is a series of questions and instructions for medical emergencies. These questions and instructions range from minor illness and injury to detailed instructions for CPR, childbirth, and choking. N.E.C.C uses the APCO EMD