Sheltering and Commodities Distribution During Disasters

If an evacuation is necessary or if there are other mitigating circumstances (e.g. long term power outage) the Town of Newtown may setup an emergency shelter to provide you with a safe place to eat, sleep, shower, or recharge essential electronic devices during an emergency. If a shelter is setup, a public message will be sent out indicating the location of the shelter and times of operation. At the shelters, generally cots and blankets are provided and in certain circumstances, food and water as well. You are responsible for bringing your own essential items (e.g. medications, any medical equipment needed, towels for showering, etc.). Emergency shelters are generally located at one of town’s school buildings.

It is important to note that pets may be sheltered in another location depending on the emergency. Please visit the page on animal preparedness for more information on preparing your pets for evacuation.

During some long duration disasters, the town will also provide essential commodities to residents such as water, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), tarps, ice, and other items. If this is necessary, information will be provided to residents on how and where to get these items.