Environmental Health

Environmental health continues to be an important part of the District's responsibility to its member towns, Newtown, Bridgewater and Roxbury.  

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Our mission is to promote and to protect the physical and environmental well-being of the citizens of the Newtown Health District through direct services, wellness and promotion programs and active support of community efforts. Health District staff enforces the requirements of the Connecticut Public Health Code and the Newtown Sanitary Code to help ensure a clean and healthy environment.
Collaboration with community partners is an essential part of our operation. Delivering exceptional customer service to our residents is our priority.
Services include:

  • Plan review, permitting and inspection of new and repaired septic systems.
  • Review and permitting for water supply wells.
  • Property Size Appeal /Health Panel Review - a Sewer Avoidance Program unique to Newtown to review plans for lots less than one-half acre in size toensure compliance with all agencies' Codes requirements.
  • Plan review, licensing and inspection of food service establishments (deli's, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, etc.).
  • Review and sign-off for building permits for proposed work to ensure compliance with CT Public Health Code.
  • Daycare inspections.
  • Investigation of complaints (wastewater, pollution, housing, potential vermin, etc.) and abatement of violations.
  • Follow-up on reportable infectious diseases (i.e. tuberculosis, salmonella, e.coli) that have potential public health implications.
  • Assist with collection, testing, notification and guidance for potential rabies exposures.
  • Health education (health screenings, Heart health promotion, Lyme Disease and other tick-borne disease prevention, physical activity & nutrition, influenza prevention, radon awareness).
  • Local and regional public health emergency preparedness planning, exercise, and evaluation.
  • The Health District staff works through education, training, exercises and real-life scenarios to maintain cutting-edge expertise for responding to ever emerging public health issues; in most recent years this has included the COVID19 pandemic public health emergency, bio-terrorism preparedness (smallpox & anthrax), school health issues, H1N1 Influenza, MRSA, groundwater contamination, public water supply issues, storm response and extended power outages.
  • BELOW are some helpful links from CT.gov :
  • CT Department of Public Health webpage for Private Wells 
  • CT Department of Public Health webpage for Uranium in Private Well Water
  • CT Department of Public Health webpage for Disinfection of Water Supply Well
  • CT Department of Public Health webpage for Flooding: Information for Homeowners about Private Wells, Sewage and Clean-up
  • CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection re: Swimming Pool Discharge