Eichler's Cove Beach, Treadwell Pool & Dickinson and Treadwell Park

Eichler's Cove Beach and Treadwell Pool Updates 

At this time Eichler's cove beach does not have lifeguards and there is no swimming! Social Distancing guidelines must be followed at this facility. 

If these rules are not followed the beach will be closed.  

Resident and Non resident permits must be on all vehicles to enter this facility. 

Treadwell pool remains closed until further notice..  

  We are working toward an opening date in June for swimming at Eichler's Cove beach. 

There will be new guidelines and procedures for swimming at Eichler's Cove Beach to be outlined at a later date.

At this time we are looking ahead to more executive orders, CDC and local health official guidelines for opening Treadwell Pool. 

  Adjusted rates for memberships are located on our website:   


Dickinson and Treadwell Park updates.  

 The hours for Dickinson Park and Treadwell Park will be 9:00am - 7:00pm beginning May 20th.  

The Elm Drive entrance to Dickinson Park will be closed, we ask that all visitors to Dickinson Park use the Brushy Hill Road entrance.  

 We will have limited parking at each facility to avoid  overcrowded parks.  


At Dickinson and Treadwell Parks it is important to know that:

*There will be no organized sports of any kind allowed on athletic fields

*Playgrounds will be fenced off and closed

*Basketball courts will be locked

*Tennis and pickleball nets will be put up with signs that specify singles matches and other guidelines for safer play

*Restrooms will be locked due to the amount of sanitization required and the inability to control these areas for social distancing. We will have porta potties but you must bring hand sanitizer.

*We will not put out picnic tables at Dickinson and will close off Treadwell Pavilion (we encourage guests to bring picnic blankets)

To obtain a resident and non resident permit you can order or purchase them on our website at:  https://register1.vermontsystems.com/wbwsc/ctnewtown.wsc/search.html?mod...

or call 203-270-4340 Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm for more information.  Proof of residency and car registration are require