Reservation Information & Reservation Forms (Pavilion, Bandshell, Eichler's Cove & Teen Center)

Pavilion, Bandshell, Eichler's Cove & Teen Center

Applications are accepted starting January 1st for the Spring/Summer 2022 season.

Please scroll to bottom of page for additional Pavilion Rental information.

Please bring the completed form(s), along with the full rental fee and deposit to Newtown Parks and Recreation in order to reserve the facility. Rental Form

Treadwell/Dickinson Park Pavilion Rental Fees:
Treadwell/Dickinson Pavilion:Rental Fee: Deposit:
Resident/Newtown Business/Non-Profit$250.00$50.00
Non Resident/Non-Newtown Business$450.00


If you are a business or non-profit, and are using the business/non-profit insurance you must pay the business/non-profit rate.

Treadwell Pool Use With Rental Fee: Anyone renting Treadwell Pavilion has the option to use the pool. Passes must be purchased before event.
Fees paid for the pool passes are non-refundable. 
Treadwell Pavilion Pool Rental Fees: Fees paid for the pool passes are non-refundable. 
Treadwell Pavilion with Pool Pass:Fee Per Person:
Resident (non refundable)$8.00 per person
Non Resident/Businesses (non refundable)$13.00 per person
Fairfield Hills Pavilion Rental Fees (please note that no electricity is availble at this location):
Fairfield Hills Pavilion:Rental Fee:Deposit:
Non Resident$150.00$50.00
Newtown Based Business/Non-Profit Organization$250.00$50.00

Non-Newtown Based Business

Dickinson Park Bandshell Rental Fees:
Bandshell Fee:Rental Fee: (4 Hours)Deposit:
Non Resident$350.00$50.00
Newtown Business/Non-Profit Organization$250.00$50.00
Non-Newtown Business$425.00


Eichler's Cove Picnic & Beach Rental Fees (Note: the beach will be open to the public during rental period):
Eichler's Cove:      Newtown ResidentsRental Fee:Deposit:
Picnic Area Only:$125.00$50.00
Picnic Area & Beach:$200.00$50.00
Eichler's Cove:      Non-Residents  
Picnic Area Only: $250.00$50.00
Picnic Area & Beach: $400.00$50.00
Lifeguard Fees (Beach Rentals)
Resident & Non Resident$15.00 per Lifeguard - up to 29 People
Additional Lifeguard per 10 Guests$15.00 per additional lifeguard - 30 or more

Accident Insurance for all Rentals: Accident insurance is required. Homeowners Insurance will NOT be accepted. Accident Insurance is available through the Parks & Recreation office. Accident Insurance is not refundable and cannot be transferred to a new date.

Insurance Fees: (Required for all rentals)
With out Alcohol (per person, children included)$00.55
With Alcohol (per person, children included)$00.55

Rent the Teen Center
Have your birthday party, a fundraiser, or your youth group meeting at the Teen Center. Your party must be scheduled two weeks in advance.  Access to pool table, foosball table, air hockey table, video games and refrigerator. For rental  inquiries, please call the office at 203-270-4340. To learn more about the Teen Center, please visit the website.
There is a maximum 4 hour rental, including set up and take down time.

Rental Form

Teen Center Rental Fees: 
Rental FeeRefundable DepositInsurance
$200.00 $100.00$.55 per person (No alcohol allowed)

There are no exemptions from the fees listed above.

Cancellation Policy: 
Two weeks’ notice prior to your rental date must be given for pavilion rental cancellations. Reservations cancelled after the two week period will result in the loss of your $50.00 deposit. No refunds on insurance paid.

Dickinson Pavilion Rental Notes
  • 18 picnic tables (can be less than 18 tables during day camp: June 20 – August 12 – renter can request specific number of tables up to 18 and they will be placed in pavilion)
  • Tables vary from 6-8 feet
  • Tables seat 6-8 persons (based on size)
  • Seating capacity at tables approximately 110 +
  • Pavilion maximum capacity is 300 persons
  • Renters can erect POP UP TENTS ONLY (not commercial tents) on grassy areas. They must be secured.
  • Commercial tents cannot be used on grassy areas unless authorized by Parks and Recreation. Utilities need to be flagged/marked, i.e. septic, electric and fiber optic before commercial tents are anchored in the ground.
  • Asphalt area adjacent to the Pavilion can be utilized for as long as disabled parking spaces are accessible at all times.