Child Safety Seat Program

Child Safety Seat Inspections

The Newtown Police Department is dedicated to protecting our children. The Newtown Police Department's Child Passenger Safety Seat Unit's goal is to make the roadways of Newtown safer for our younger passengers by educating the public on Child Passenger Safety and assisting with the proper installation of Child Safety Seats.

The department provides a courtesy service by appointment only for residents of Newtown by inspecting Child Safety Seats for proper installation. Certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Technicians from the department will assist with installing safety seats and answering questions. One weekend day each month Officers will be available for installs.

These officers also attend Child Safety Clinics in other local communities. (Click here for a list of clinics in your area) Helpful information can be found in the owners manual for the vehicle in which the child seats are going to be installed. Additional information and educational materials can also be found on the following websites:

If you would like your Child Safety Seat inspected or need help with the installation you may call (203) 426-5841 to schedule an appointment.

Newtown Bee Artilce on Child Safety Seats
Newtown Bee Photos of our Safety Seat Techs