K-9 Unit

Officer Figol and K9 Aris

History of Canine Units

Police use of working dogs has been in existence since the early 1900’s in the United States where dogs have been called to service for civil, military, and defense purposes. At present, law enforcement agencies and similarly, in government service around the world, Detector Dogs, are keeping us safer by locating explosives, narcotics, and other dangerous substances.

The Newtown Police Department K-9 Unit was re established in 2004, after approvals from the Chief of Police, First Selectman and Board of Police Commissioners. The K-9 Unit does not replace a Police Officer, but serves as a valuable tool in combating and deterring crime. It could become the determinig factor in conducting a search or achieving a peaceful arrest. The program serves as a valuable public relations tool through demonstrations in schools and at public events. Demonstrations and events allow Officers to positively interact with the community. 

Use of Police Canines

The canine unit may be used for the following incidents:

  • Building searches
  • Tracking and searching for missing persons, suspects or evidence
  • Apprehension of criminal suspects
  • Narcotic raids and searches
  • Crowd control for violent and/or unruly crowds
  • Handler protection/officer protection

Funding / Donations

The Newtown Police Department K-9 Unit is funded by corporate and private donations as well as budgetary funds. It does not solicit residents or businesses by phone or use door to door soliciations nor do we use fundraising companies to advertise our program. Please be aware that other companies not affiliated with NPD K-9 unit will from time to time ask for donations. Those donations do not directly benefit our program. If you want to make a donation, you can do so on this website or by mailing a check directly to the Newtown Police Department K-9 Unit. If you have any questions regarding the program please contact Lt Bahamonde at 203-270-4233. Thank you for your continued support.