Toddy Hill Rd - Alleged Assault

Non School Related

On 09/06/17 at about 13:26 Officers responded to a residence on Toddy Hill Rd for the report of a suspicious incident.  A 16 year old, who had stayed home from school, reported that while she was in her backyard an unknown male, who she presumed to be a salesman, approached her and asked her how old she was.  When the 16 year old responded that she was going to get her mother, the unknown male pushed her to the ground and ran away down the driveway toward the road.  The male was described as a tall white male with brown hair and clean shaven.  He was wearing a black button down shirt with black pants. 

Newtown Police Officers and CT State Police K9 unit immediately responded to the area.  A through search of the area was conducted, the alleged suspect was not located.  

Anyone with information about this male or this incident is asked to contact the Newtown Police Department.  

ADVISORY: The Newtown Police Department is committed to the safety of the entire community, its students and residents.  We advise the community not to rely on social media or rumors as it can cause unneeded anxiety.  If you have any questions in regards to this non-school related incident please contact the Newtown Police Department.

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