Alarm System Registration Ordinance

Town of Newtown Ordinance

By order of Town ordinance, "no alarm user shall operate, or cause to be operated, an alarm system at its alarm site without a valid alarm registration.",  "Effective immediately upon the enactment of this chapter (Nov. 2015), as amended, every alarm user shall apply for registration in accordance with this chapter, even if the alarm user has previously obtained alarm registration."  Avoid fines and register early, the form can be obtained below.


Facts behind the Town Alarm Ordinance

Historically police departments across the country are burdened with responding to false alarms within their jurisdictions.  Additionally having out of date home/business key holder information increases the time officers spend contacting them in follow up. 

In the 2016 calendar year the Newtown Police Department responded to over 1,300 alarms calls, of those 1,293 were false alarms. Taking up an estimated 874 man hours, we would prefer to have our officers patrolling our neighborhoods and streets.

Statistics have proven with a firm alarm ordinance a community can reduce their false alarms by up to 56%.  This is our community’s goal, to reduce false alarms and increase effective communication with our alarm holders. 

Any questions can be directed to the Records Department at 203-270-4254 or