Commission Process

The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission is a group of ten Newtown residents appointed by the Newtown Board of Selectmen in September of 2013.  The ten residents are expected to lead the community through the process of determining if a permanent memorial should be constructed and if so, making a recommendation on the nature, location and funding of a permanent memorial(s).

Information Gathering Stage:

  1. Phase I:  The Commission’s priority has been to assure the 26 families are consistently updated on our progress. This was the first group we reached out to for feedback on how best to move forward.  The Commission communicates updates to the 26 families on a monthly / bi-monthly basis. Our Commission will  always be open to families who want to participate in this process, provide feedback, ask questions, etc. 
  2. Phase II:  Gathering of information and engaging the Teachers & Staff who were in Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14, Parents of Students in Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14 and Emergency Responders (NPD, Dispatchers, EMS, SHFD & CT State Police).
  3. Phase III:  The Newtown community had an opportunity to participate in multiple public forums to share thoughts on the topic of a memorial in our community. 
  4. Phase IV:  The dialogue and collaboration will continue with the 26 families, and those who want to participate in the process, to ensure an ongoing openness of communication. Monthly / Bi-monthly communication will continue until this project is complete. 

The results from Phase I - III of the information gathering has been outlined here: S.H.P.M.C. Information Gathering Outreach Results. Please note, Phase IV will be ongoing. 

Benchmarking Communities

  1. The Memorial Commission has communicated with multiple communities across the country and around the world who have been through tragic times. We're appreciative of the conversations, key learnings and information each group has provided us to assist us in creating a process that makes sense for our community. 

Location Inventory

  1. The Commission worked with the Town of Newtown and Land Use Office to understand different sites available (town owned, privately owned, state owned)
  2. Based on information gathering, we created a criteria for what type of land we should be looking for - criteria included infrastructure, seclusion from noise, expansive views, a destination, proximity to Sandy Hook. In searching for a location, the Commission attempted to keep all in mind. 

  3. The Town has ultimately accepted a contribution of 5+ acres from the Social Boys & Athletic Club (SAC) Board of Trustees on Riverside Road in Sandy Hook, CT as the location for the memorial. 

Design Selection Process 

Our Guidelines for Selecting a Design (GSD) can be found HERE. Also, we encourgae you to review our FAQ's to learn more about this project. 

  1. Phase I: The Memorial Commission has created a design document which will allow professionals and non-professionals to digitally submit designs to the Commission for review by the Commission and an Advisory Panel.
    1. This process will begin on 9/22 and end on 12/15 with selections of a short list taking place in early January 2018.  
  2. Phase II: The Commission will create a short list of designs, and will move forward with in person presentations to in turn vote on a design to move forward with. 
    1. A timeline will be identified by short listed designers at the time of selection.