Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is composed of six regular members and two alternate members. The First Selectman, with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, appoints all members to this Board.

The Board of Ethics is charged with the administration of the Code of Ethics and receives and investigates any complaints of violations of the Code of Ethics.

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Board Members

Jacqueline Villa (R)

Chair 01/06/14 - 01/06/18

Suzanne Copp (R)

01/06/14 - 01/06/18

Thomas Fuchs (U)

02/16/16 - 01/06/20

Laurie Kilchevsky (R)

09/06/16 - 01/16/18

Joyce Murty (D)

01/06/16 - 01/06/20

Vacant Seat D/U


Alternate Member

David Camputo (R)


Vacant Seat D/U

01/06/16 - 01/06/20