Planning & Zoning Commission


Planning & Zoning Commission is responsible to promote the orderly and coordinated development of the Town and the general welfare and prosperity of its residents. The Commission controls and directs the use and development of property in a municipality or a large part of it by dividing it into zoning districts. The Commission regulates the principal and accessory uses permitted  within these districts.

Members & Meetings

The Commission is an elected board consisting of five (5) regular members and three (3) alternates. The Commission meets the first and third Thursday of every month at the Newtown Municipal Center. Meetings start at 7:30 P.M. (Alternates' terms - 2 years, 3 members, not more than 2 from one party).


The following applications go before the Commission: Subdivision and Resubdivision of land – Special Exception Permits – Site Development Plan – Change of Zone – Amendments to their regulations – Sand and Gravel Mining Permits – Accessory Apartments in an outbuilding.

Please contact the Land Use Agency if you have any questions at 203-270-4276.

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Commission Members

Robert Mulholland (R)

Chair 12/01/15 - 12/01/19

Frank Corigliano (R)

12/01/13 - 12/01/17

Corinne Cox (D)

12/01/15 - 12/01/19

Don A. Mitchell (D)

12/01/13 - 12/01/17

Jim Swift (R)

12/1/15 - 12/1/19

Alternate Members

Barbara Manville (D)

12/01/13 - 12/01/17

Roy Meadows (R)

12/01/13 - 12/01/17

Fredrick Taylor (R)

12/01/13 - 12/01/17