Board of Selectmen

Elected to a two year term, the Board of Selectmen supervise the administration of the affairs of the Town, except those matters which by the General Statute or Town Charter are exclusively committed to the Board of Education or other departments.

The Board of Selectmen is responsible for coordinating the activities of all the departments of the Town and for reviewing the present and future needs of the Town.

The Board of Selectmen submit annually to the Board of Finance a proposed budget, not including the Board of Education portion, for the next fiscal year.

Board Members


Member (R) (12/01/15 - 12/01/17)

(203) 270-4201

3 Primrose Street

Member (R) (12/01/15 - 12/01/17)

(203) 426-1941

208 Hattertown Road

Member (D) (12/01/15 - 12/01/17)

(203) 426-0660

70 Main Street