Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s Office serves the Town by performing over 500 duties mandated by the Secretary of the State as well as over 100 duties mandated by the Town. Some of these functions include:

  • Recording and indexing of Land Records. All of the Land Records including Deeds, Mortgages and Survey Maps from the year 1711 to the present are maintained in our office.
  • Maintaining Vital Records. All Birth, Death, Marriage and Civil Union records involving Newtown residents as well as those non-residents occurring in Newtown from the year 1711 to the present are maintained in our office.
  • Issuing licensesMarriage Licenses, and Dog Licenses are issued by our office.
  • Managing Public Records. Agendas of all Boards and Commissions and Minutes of Town Meetings are maintained in our office. Trade Name Certificates for businesses doing business in the Town of Newtown are filed in our office.
  • Managing Elections. It is the Town Clerk’s responsibility to oversee all aspects of any Town, State and Federal election, primaries and referendums. The Town Clerk creates paperwork involving Absentee Ballots, sample ballots, creating the list of offices to be filled, candidate committees, campaign financing and legal ads. The Town Clerk is also responsible for issuing, mailing and recording absentee ballots to the point of delivery the day of the election.

Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Laws require that most of the Town records, with the exception of Birth and Veterans Discharge papers be open for public inspection.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Debbie Aurelia Halstead, MMC, MCTC Town Clerk (Elected Term: 2013-2017) (203) 270-4210
Monica Duhancik Assistant Town Clerk (203) 270-4210
Aileen Barreto, CCTC Assistant Town Clerk (203) 270-4210
Renee Weimann, CCTC Assistant Town Clerk (203) 270-4210