How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

The release of information and report copies are limited by State of Connecticut General Statutes.

Types of reports that will not be released are:

  • Pending case, which are considered open investigations
  • Medical records
  • Signed statements of witnesses
  • Information to be used in a prospective law enforcement action
  • Investigatory techniques
  • Arrest records of juveniles
  • Information on the victim of sexual assaults
  • Uncorroborated allegations
  • (Reference, Connecticut General Statute 1-210 for a complete list)

How to request copies of police reports and background checks, of which must be in writing (Department Reports).

There are per page charges that apply. You can email the Records Division with your specific request or you can stop by during business hours to submit your written request.  Include as much information as possible.  Be specific as to what you are looking for.  A form is available for your convenience to assist you in submitting this request on our Downloadable Forms page, but is not required.

If you want a copy of multiple reports (such as a copy of all accidents that occurred between certain dates or at a particular location) or other documents such as photographs or tape recordings (if available), you must submit a letter to the Chief of Police requesting this information. After receipt of the letter you will be contacted as to the availability of the requested records and the fees which apply to your request.