Board of Fire Commissioners

The Board of Fire Commissioners is comprised of seven (7) members. Each of the five (5) volunteer fire companies elects one (1) person to serve on the board, these five Commissioners elects two (2) civilian members to complete the Board.

The Board oversees the purchase and maintenance of all town-owned firefighting apparatus and major capital equipment. They also oversee the maintenance of the one (1) Town owned firehouse, housing Newtown Hook & Ladder Fire Co. As well as the general operating procedures of the combined fire companies. In addition, the Board is responsible for the operations of the Fire Marshals who inspect new and existing buildings and investigate and report on all fire and rescue calls. Currently, Newtown has one full time Fire Marshal, one full time Administrative Assistant and Five Deputy Fire Marshals.

There are no paid firefighters in the Town of Newtown at this time, and five firehouses and one sub-station are manned by over 167 trained volunteers. Currently, there are (28) pieces of fire/rescue apparatus in Newtown with (15) pieces owned by the Town and the remaining apparatus purchased with monies from fund raising activities and private donations to the fire companies.

Newtown currently has five (5) main fire stations and one sub-station located in all five fire districts. Except for the Newtown Hook & Ladder building, these five stations are owned and maintained by the individual fire departments.

Any resident who would be interested to learn more about the volunteer fire departments, or would want to consider joining, should contact the fire chief of the district they live in.

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Commission Members

Pat Reilly

Chair (Civilian)

Member (Dodgingtown)

Jeff Dugan

Member (Hawleyville)

Brian Sharnick

Member (Newtown Hook & Ladder)

Thomas Fitzgerald

Member (Civilian)

Jay Nezvesky

Member (Botsford)

Tim Whelan

Member (Sandy Hook)