Land Use Agency

The Land Use Agency is part of Newtown’s Planning Department and is located on the Fairfield Hills Campus at 3 Primrose Street, Newtown, CT 06470.

The Land Use Agency responsibilities include interpretation and enforcement of the Newtown Zoning, Aquifer Protection, Forestry Practices, Open Space and Inland Wetland and Watercourses Regulations.

The Agency is advisory and administrative staff for the Planning and Zoning, Inland Wetlands, Aquifer Protection and Conservation Commissions; and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Land Use Department performs a number of functions including:

  • Performs pre-application reviews with potential developers.
  • Reviews commercial and residential development applications.
  • Plans for orderly Town development, including but not limited to roads, sidewalks, zone uses, utilities, public lands and emergency services.
  • New business use and location assessment.
  • Review of zoning permits and certificates of occupancy.
  • Authorize first cuts and lot-line revisions for properties.
  • Is a member of the Health Panel Review Board.
  • Manages open space reviews and acquisitions for Town purchases and subdivisions.
  • Manages the FEMA Flood Plain Programs.
  • Issues Notices of Violations, Citations, and Cease & Desist Orders for all Land Use regulations.
  • Coordinates with Town attorneys on legal actions and law suits.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
George Benson Director of Planning
Rob Sibley Deputy Director of Planning
Steve Maguire Senior Land Use Enforcement Officer
Steve Hnatuk Land Use Enforcement Officer
Dawn Fried Administrative Assistant
Christine O'Neill Secretary