Public Building & Site Commission

Regular Members: 4 years, 7 members

Alternate Members: 4 years, 2 members, not more than 1 from same party

The Public Building and Site Commission consists of seven members, no more than four from one political party, appointed by the First Selectman and confirmed by the Board of Selectmen. There are two alternate positions, with no more than one from the same political party. The terms are four years.

Powers and Duties:

The Public Building and Site Commission shall have control of supervision and construction of building projects including major new construction, alteration or extension, furnishing or equipping of a building to be used for public purposes including the acquisition and improvement of land thereto and with improvements thereon, if any. Contracts in connection with all building projects shall be authorized by the First Selectman or the Board of Education. The Commission shall have such other powers and duties germane to the office and not inconsistent with the General Statutes or prescribed by ordinance

  Questions for our Land Use Agency please call 203-270-4276.

To email the Commission click here and the clerk will forward your email to the Public Building and Site Commission members.


Commission Members

Robert Mitchell (U) Chair


Thomas Catalina (R)


Phil Clark (R)


Anthony M. D'Angelo (R)


Robert Edwards (D)


Rick Matschke (R)


Art Norton (U)


Alternate Members

Harold Brennan (R)


Gordon Johnson (U)