Water & Sewer Authority

(4 years, 7 members)

Newtown Ordinance #56A establishes that - "There shall be established in the Town of Newtown a public Water and Sewer Authority, with the authority to plan and direct the development, acquisition, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of such water supply and distribution systems and sewerage systems as may be required to properly serve the needs of the Town. The Water Pollution Control Authority shall be redesignated as the Water and Sewer Authority for the Town and shall have all of the powers with regard to sewers of such an authority pursuant to Chapter 103 of the Connecticut General Statutes. The Water and Sewer Authority shall exercise all powers of the Town with respect to water pursuant to Chapter 102 of the Connecticut General Statutes except those powers with respect to bonding and use rate setting which are specifically reserved to the legislative body. With respect to water bonding and water use rates, the Water and Sewer Authority shall make recommendations for such bonding or setting of such rates to the legislative body."

The Water Pollution Control Authority oversees the Newtown sewer system and the water system on the Fairfield Hills property. For questions about the sewer system, please contact Public Works Director Fred Hurley at 270-4300. For questions about sewer billing, contact the office of the Tax Collector at 270-4320.

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Board Members

Marianne Brown (R)

Chair 01/06/15-01/06/19

Louis Carbone (R)


George Hill (R)


Alan Shepard (R)


Eugene Vetrano (U)


Richard B. Zang (D)


Carl J. Zencey (D)