Lake Zoar Authority

(3 years, 3 Newtown members)

The Lake Zoar Authority was established, by Ordinance, in accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes. The Authority is comprised of the Town of Newtown  and other towns having Lake Zoar within their territorial limits. The Authority has the power to:

  1. Control and abate algae and aquatic weeds in cooperation with the State Water Resources Commission
  2. Study water management including but not limited to water depth and circulation and make recommendations for action to members Towns, and
  3. To act as agent for member towns with respect to filing applications for grants and reimbursements with the Department of Environmental Protection and other State agencies in connection with State and Federal Programs.

Board Members

Gary Fillion (U)

01/06/19- 01/06/22

Robert Mouchantat (D)


William May (R)