Registrar of Voters

The Registrars of Voters are the Administrators of Elections. 
In addition to conducting elections, the Registrars are responsible for
voter education, conducting the annual Canvass of Voters,
maintaining the accuracy of the voter registry list, the storage,
maintenance and set up of all election and polling place equipment,
hiring and training all election officials and workers,
working with school officials to assure polling places are secure,
conducting supervised balloting at care facilities,
election day registration and voting,
maintaining the chain of custody for election equipment security prior
to elections and during the mandatory 2 weeks following a vote,
conducting post-election audits as mandated by the state
and helping the Town Committees and Candidates in preparations
for their caucuses. 

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Unofficial Election Results

First Selectman Daniel Rosenthal 4279 none

Selectman Maureen Crick Owen 3092 Jeffrey Capeci 2590
Bd of Finance Keith Alexander 3313 Sandy Roussas 3462
Bd of Finance Steve Hinden 3070 Matthew Mihalcik 3140
Bd of Finance Ned Simpson 3092 Joseph Girgasky 2865
Bd of Finance Chris Gardner 3373 John Madzula II 3086
Bd of Education Rebekah Harriman-Stites 3356 Dennis Brestovansky 2871
Bd of Education John Vouros 3549 Deborra Zukowski 3513

Bd Assess Appeals Alex Villamil 2797 James McFarland 2807
Bd Asses Ap TFV Brynn Cullen 2841 Seth G Cohen 2692
P & Z Corrine Cox 3039 Roy Meadows 2782
P & Z Benjamin Toby 2881 Jim Swift 2990
P & Z none Dennis Bloom 2904
P & Z Alternate Andrew Marone 3172 David Ruhs 2975
P & Z Alternate David Rosen 3206 Nick Cabral 3126

ZBA Ross Carley 3334 Jane Sharp 3500
ZBA Prerna Rao 2928 Andrew T Garthwait 2886
ZBA Alternate Joe Bojnowski 3127 Robin Buchanan 2968
ZBA Alternate Christina Paradis 3205 Rachel Rowan 3244

Police Commision Joan Plouffe 3209 Neil Chaudhary 3493
Commission Joel Faxon 3208 Brian Budd 2983
ETH BOM Herb Rosenthal 3181 Margot Hall 2530
ETH BOM Vacancy Lisa Schwartz 3879 none
Council District
1 Judit DeStefano 1095 Cathy Reiss 1081
Council District
1 Chris Eide 1004 Charles Gardner 942
Council District
1 Paul Lundquist 1166 William DeRosa 923

Council District
2 Jordana Bloom 1072 Dan Wiedemann 1091
Council District
2 Daniel Honan 1212 Ryan Knapp 1154
Council District
2 Clinton DePaolo 1003 David Schill 930

Council District
3 Chris Smith 963 Phil Carroll 1003
Council District
3 Carol Walsh 948 Andrew Clure 1014
Council District
3 Alison Plante 948 Rance Thompson 928

  Interested in Serving on a Board or Committee?  Contact:
Republican Town Committee:  Dennis Bloom 203-270-7703
Democratic Town Committee:  Eric Paradis 203-426-4927
Independent Party:  Bruce Walczak 203-270-9520

We are located in the Municipal Center at 3 Primrose St. 
For questions, please call 203-270-4250 or email

2019 Election Calendar      Am I Registered to Vote   

District 1 and 1-5 - Newtown Middle School
District 2 and 3-2 - Reed Intermediate School
District 3-1 and 3-5 - Head O' Meadow School
Voting hours are 6:00am to 8:00pm
Newtown Middle School


Staff Contacts


Republican Registrar of Voters

Democratic Registrar of Voters

William Frampton


Samantha Canfield


Sue Goodridge


Janice Silver