Recreation Text Alerts - Feature Notes

SMS Notification System

The Town of Newtown will continue to offer a text notification service for residents who are interested in receiving alerts from the Parks & Recreation Department.  This feature will notify subscribers when the following events occur:

  • Game Cancellations
  • Field Closings
  • General Recreation Cancellations

How to Subscribe

  1. Use the table below to find the email address of your cell phone.  For example if your cell phone carrier is AT&T your email address is
  2. Once you have determined your cell phone's email address, write this address down or remember it.  You will need to use the address on the "Sign Up for "E-Alerts" registration page.  
  3. Use the link below to return to the registration page.
  4. Add your cell phone's email address to the "Your Email" and "Confirm Email" fields.
  5. Check the box for "Recreation Text Alerts"
  6. Fill out the captcha
  7. Click Subscribe Me


  • Do not use this cell phone address for the other Subscribe to News categories, unless you want to receive those updates on your phone, as well.
  • Standard text messaging charges may apply.  Contact your cell phone provider if you have questions.

Cell Phone ProviderEmail Address
 (phone number MUST Include area code)
AT&T (formerly Cingular)
Metro PCS
Sprint (now Sprint Nextel)
Virgin Mobile

Return to the "Sign Up for E-Alerts" Page
(The above link opens a new window.  This instruction page will remain open for reference.)