Renter's Rebate begins April 1, 2018

The Renters Rebate Program starts April 1, 2018 and runs through September 30, 2018.
To qualify you must be 65 years or older or 100% totally disabled through Social Security and your income must have been less than $43,000 for a married couple $35,300 for a single person.
The following information is needed to complete the application for the 2017 Calendar Year.
EXPENSES: Rent receipts, letter from landlord stating what you paid for the year 2017. Utility (Electric, water, oil and/or gas) receipts or statement from utility company.
INCOME: Social Security SSA-1099 statement or print-out from the Social Security Office, bank interest, pensions, VA benefits or any other sources of income. If you file a federal income tax return, a copy of your return is required.
If you are filing as 100% disabled, proof of disability is required every year by the State of Connecticut. A statement from social security STATING TOTALLY DISABLED OR A TPQY FROM SOCIAL SECURITY DATED FOR CURRENT YEAR stating that you were disabled the previous year.
You must have all information to file your application. Filing period is from April 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018.
         Income                                     Maximum Credit                           Minimum Credit
 Over                To                            Married/Single                              Married/Single
$ -0-           $17,700                           $900/$700                                      $400/$300
$17,700     $23,700                          $700/$500                                      $300/$200
$23,700     $29,600                          $500/$250                                      $200/$100
$29,600     $35,300                          $250/$150                                      $100/$50
$35,300     $43,000                          $150/$-0-                                       $50/$-0-