Notice: Uses of New Spaces

March 20, 2002

To All Building Permit Applicants:

If you are creating new spaces in your home as part of an alteration or addition, your application and plans must list the uses of the new spaces. This also applies to all spaces on new house plans. An example of listed uses are:

  • Bedroom
  • Family Room
  • Bonus Room
  • Exercise Room
  • Office
  • Storage area
  • Finished Basement (All areas being finished must be identified as to their Uses.)
  • Accessory Apartment (All spaces must be identified as to their Uses)

Failure to identify all spaces as to their uses will delay the plan review for this application as a complete plan review cannot be done without this information.

A building permit can only be issued to the property owner or property owner’s agent. If the applicant is not the owner a letter of authorization from the owner must be submitted with the application. (Form letter enclosed)

Proof of contractor/property owner’s workers compensation certificate or affidavit, which must be notarized and submitted with the application.

Thank You for your cooperation,

Town of Newtown Building Department