Dickinson Pavilion: how many picnic tables are under the pavilion and can tents be erected?

  • 18 picnic tables (can be less than 18 tables during day camp: June 20 – August 12 – renter can request specific number of tables up to 18 and they will be placed in pavilion)
  • Tables vary from 6-8 feet
  • Tables seat 6-8 persons (based on size)
  • Seating capacity at tables approximately 110 +
  • Pavilion maximum capacity is 300 persons
  • Renters can erect POP UP TENTS ONLY (not commercial tents) on grassy areas. They must be secured.
  • Commercial tents cannot be used on grassy areas unless authorized by Parks and Recreation. Utilities need to be flagged/marked, i.e. septic, electric and fiber optic before commercial tents are anchored in the ground.
  • Asphalt area adjacent to the Pavilion can be utilized for as long as disabled parking spaces are accessible at all times.