Eichler's Cove Marina Information

Information & Rental Forms
Marina Season: 
May 12th - October 14th 
Marina Slip Rentals
Boat slip rentals through March 3rd are open to returning slip holders from the prior season. March  4th - March 30th open to Newtown residents and returning slip holders on a first-come, first-serve basis. Beginning April 2nd slip rentals will be open to residents and non-residents on a first-come, first-serve basis. Boat slip renters will receive four beach passes per family.
Early Bird Special Rate (for returnees only):
Deadline for Early Bird: March  3, 2018
Newtown residents
Fee + CT State Use Tax
19 ft and under     $1,076.00 + $68.33 =   $1,144.33
Over 19 ft             $1,339.00 + $85.03 =   $1,424.03
19 ft and under     $1,348.00 + $85.60 =   $1,433.60
over 19 ft              $1,623.00 + $103.06 = $1,726.06
Marina Slip Rental Fee as of March 4th, 2018:
Newtown residents Fee + CT State Use Tax
19 ft and under    $1,100.00 + $69.85 =   $1,169.85
Over 19 ft             $1,350.00 + $85.73 =   $1,435.73
19 ft and under     $1,400.00 + $88.90 =   $1,488.90
Over 19 ft              $1,650.00 + $104.78 = $1,754.78
Marina Jet Ski Slips:
Fees: Fee + CT State Use Tax
Residents        $700.00 + $44.45 =  $744.45
Non-residents: $900.00+ $57.15 =  $957.15
Boat Launch Key: 
Eichler’s Cove & Lake Lillinonah
When registering, please update your household information. We will mail launch gate key and park permit to you within five (5) business days. A park permit must be displayed on the lower right windshied on any car entering launch facility. A daily pass is not available for Lake Lillinonah boat launch. No Holiday Rentals. 
Season Key:    (May 12 - October 14)                                       key
Lake Lillinonah & Eichler’s Cove:
Residents LLB $125.00
Non-residents NLLB    $250.00  
(Return your previous year key and receive a $10 credit towards your new key)
Daily Boat Launch Pass  for Eichler’s Cove Only:
Residents ECB $15.00 
Non-residents NECB  $30.00
NO money will be accepted at  the launch
You must also have a resident/non-resident park permit to enter Eichler’s Cove Beach/Marina.
Canoe/Kayak Drystorage Rack:
The Newtown Parks and Recreation Department is offering a location at Eichler’s Cove to store your canoe or kayak for the summer season. Applications for a dry storage area are available online or in the office. 
Drystorage: Fee + CT State Use Tax
Resident          $75.00 + $4.76  =  $79.76
Non-resident  $150.00 + $9.53 =  $159.53
Must also have a resident/non-resident/resident park permit to enter Eichler’s Cove.
Online Kayak Registration, scroll to KAYAK to purchase dry storage rack

Non Resident Permit: permit

Season Permit:
May 26th - September 3rd (Memorial Day - Labor Day) 
$150.00 Season Permit
$20.00 Daily Parking Pass

*Please note the parking permit does not give you access to launch, beach or pool. Memberships for the pool are available separately. 


As of July 26, 2017 - Umbrella Policy Announcement: 

We are immediately suspending enforcement of the current rule forbidding umbrellas at Eichler's Cove Beach, but would ask that you exercise good judgement in your use of such umbrellas, particularly with regard to securing them. Umbrellas and baby tents must be anchored to prevent uncontrolled movement in good weather and closing them when breezy conditions are anticipated.
Finally, please note that we will continue to forbid the use of the canopy-type shade structures (most commonly 10’ by 10’ or larger) at least for the remainder of this season.
Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the rest of your summer!
Edward Marks
Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission
Amy E. W. Mangold
Director Newtown Parks and Recreation