Dickinson Park


Located on scenic Elm Drive in Newtown, this park was dedicated to former Newtown First selectman A. Fenn Dickinson in 1955. This park is open to Newtown residents from 9 a.m. until sundown. A park permit is required on any vehicle entering the park. There is something to do for people of all ages.


  • Five built tennis courts
  • Softball field
  • Basketball court - Newly built
  • Two playground areas
  • Funspace creative play area
  • Pavilion and picnic facilities complete with charcoal grills
  • Skate Park-Rules

Pavilion Reservation

Application must be made at the Parks and Recreation office.    

The fee schedule for the Dickinson Park pavilion is:

Newtown Residents:

$50.00 deposit and $200.00 rental fee.


$50.00 deposit and $375.00 rental fee

Newtown Non profit:

$50.00 deposit and $250.00 rental fee.


$50.00 deposit and $450.00 rental fee

NOTE: There are no longer any exemptions from the fees listed above!

Directions ( FROM THE FLAGPOLE )

  • South on Rte. 25 to intersection with Rte. 302
  • Turn right onto Rte. 302
  • Turn left onto Elm Drive
  • The first entrance to the park is on the right, past the cemetery and baseball fields (The tennis courts and pavilion can be reached from this entrance.)
  • The second entrance to the park is on Brushy Hill Road
  • Drive past the first entrance
  • Turn right onto Brushy Hill Road

The second entrance is immediately on the right through the fence (The skatepark, playground and ballfield can be reached from this entrance.)


  • Open to Newtown residents ONLY from 8 a.m. until sundown. Brushy Hill Gate is locked at 8 p.m.
  • Permit required on all vehicles entering the Park.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by and adult.
  • Dogs and horses are not permitted in the park
  • Bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are not permitted on the picnic, ballfield areas, tennis courts or pavilion. No skateboards or roller blades in the parking lot.
  • Elm Drive gate is for two-way traffic.
  • Vehicles must park in designated areas only. No vehicles permitted in the picnic area.
  • No frisbee ball playing, or tennis on basketball courts, pavilion, picnic areas or parking lot.
  • No wading or playing in the brook.
  • Children using Funspace must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • Tennis lessons by Parks & Recreation only.
  • Please use garbage receptacles. Anyone found littering will be subject to a fine.
  • Restrooms are to be kept clean. They are for your convenience.
  • Please report lost articles or any damage to the Parks & Recreation office.