Newtown PD Assisted by the FBI, Manufacturing Bombs, Possession of Explosives

2017-5432 Arrest Made by Warrant
Bailey 2017-5432
Bailey 2017-5432

On 6/16/2017 at 6:30 am  Larry Bailey (12/8/1949) of 301 South Main Street Newtown CT was arrested on a valid State of Connecticut Arrest Warrant by Detective Dan McAnaspie and Officer Steve Borges of the Newtown Police Department and FBI Special Agent Keith Hall without incident in his home.

Bailey's arrest by warrant stems from a criminal investigation that began on 3/24/17 when Bailey called the Newtown Police Department to report vandalism to his motor vehicle.  During the initial investigation Officer Pirhala identified two objects that appeared to be pipe bombs.  Sgt. Smith was called to the scene and made the determination to complete an evacuation of the immediate area and to contact the Connecticut State Police Bomb Squad and Newtown Police Detective Division; members of both agencies were dispatched to assist the Newtown Patrol Division in the initial investigation and mitigation of the dangers posed by the possible pipe bombs.

After the initial investigation by the Bomb Squad it was determined that there was a possibility that the items identified as possible pipe bombs could cause a public safety hazard (x-rays were inconclusive) and were removed to a safe location to be rendered safe by the Bomb Squad.  Per established protocols the Bomb Squad contacted the FBI and FBI agents were sent to assist with the safe destruction of the two devices and possible investigative and forensic follow-up.

Both suspicious items were rendered safe and initial visual examination of the contents led the Bomb Squad and FBI Bomb Technician to the opinion that these devices were very likely improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or pipe bombs.  A test of some of the retrieved material from inside the devices showed positively that materials inside were energetic in nature (highly flammable and when contained likely explosive).  The casing material, wick material and samples of the contents were seized and sent to the FBI Laboratory for further analysis and investigation.

Detective McAnaspie and SA Hall continued the investigation which included several interviews of Bailey which led to a search of the Bailey residence.  During the search of the residence a number of items were identified as suspicious in nature and led investigators to conclude that Bailey was the likely bomb maker.

In subsequent interviews the belief that Bailey was the likely bomb maker was re-enforced and a warrant for his arrest was sought and upon receipt of the warrant Bailey was arrested.  Bailey is charged with two counts each of: 29-348 (Illegal possession of Explosives, 53-80a (Manufacture of Bombs), and 53a-63 (Reckless Endangerment 1st Degree).  Bailey was also charged with one count of 53a-157b (False Statement).  Bailey was held on a $50,000 bond and transported to Danbury Superior Court for arraignment.

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