Child Safety Zones

Child Safety Zone

In 2011 the Legislative Council of the Town of Newtown adopted Ordinance 118 in order to “…preserve and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the children of the Town…”  This ordinance restricts those persons on the State of Connecticut’s Sex Offender Registry from entering certain properties identified as Child Safety Zones. These Child Safety Zones consist of schools, parks, playgrounds, pools, bathing beaches, sports fields, trails, open space parcels and passive recreation areas that are under the Town of Newtown’s jurisdiction.

With certain exceptions, outlined in the ordinance, registered sex offenders are not allowed within the borders of the defined Child Safety Zones under penalty of a $250.00 fine. Large “Child Safety Zone” signs will be posted at the main entrances to the specified zones warning visitors of the ordinance and the penalty for violation. The Newtown Police will be enforcing this ordinance and believe that it plays a crucial role in our overall law enforcement strategy to keep our children safe. If you believe that someone may be violating this ordinance please call 911 immediately.

Town of Newtown Child Safety Zones

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