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Newtown Traffic Calming Guide: The purpose of the Traffic Calming Guide is to assist Newtown residents in gaining a better understanding of the tools available and steps necessary to seek traffic calming services and measures. The following sections of this guide give a more detailed description of the different levels of traffic calming and the decision-making and implementation process. It also identifies a
toolbox of traffic calming measures that range from education to enforcement to engineering along with implementation processes to help neighborhoods identify and remedy local
conditions. This Traffic Calming Guide focuses on residential streets. The goal is to calm traffic on these local streets, allowing children and families to feel more secure in their own
neighborhoods. Traffic calming principles can also be applied to arterial streets which serve multiple purposes and to enhance pedestrian crossings of major streets (full text available for download below).

Traffic Calming Brouchure: The Police Commission of the Town of Newtown has been designated the implementing authority for the organization and
operation of a Traffic Calming Program. In developing traffic calming programs for community streets and roadways, the Police Commission may utilize measures to reduce speed, enhance pedestrian safety and reduce traffic diversion in residential neighborhoods. The intent of this procedure is to make efficient, cost effective use of town resources by screening and prioritizing requests for traffic calming (full text available for download below)..

Traffic Calming Request Form: The purpose of this form is to enable a neighborhood to request a traffic study in accordance with the Town Of Newtown’s traffic calming program. The traffic calming program addresses traffic safety concerns, such as excessive vehicle speeds, cut-through traffic and accidents. If you have such a concern, please fill out and submit this form including as much detail as possible and attach the names, addresses and signatures representing 50% of the households for the street(s) requesting action (full text available for download below).

Toddy Hill Rd Traffic Calming Program